Our Services


Our team currently includes four physiotherapists: Anthony, Katie, Harry and Charlotte. We are here to keep you on the road, court, field, track or in the pool and guide you successfully through injury to complete your event. We specialise in sporting injuries and those difficult chronic injuries that have failed to respond to treatment in the past.

We want to help you get better for whatever your goal is, be it return to work, to function better in your day to day activities, train with your friends, walk your dog or compete at your first ever event or in the world champs. 


In a program designed to help you ride more comfortably, faster and for longer, Anthony brings his sports physiotherapy experience to specifically analyse your riding and bike setup. We analyse the setup of your bike, and combine this with video footage recorded from all angles as you ride to ensure your bike setup is maximising your performance. 

The video footage is analysed and compared to your body, any injuries, your bike measurements, your cleat placement and your cycling event/goal. Suggestions are then made to make you more comfortable, decrease injury risk and increase performance


Sports Massage Therapist, Vic Chapman, is here to keep you on the road, field, track or in the pool and ease your muscles to keep you performing at your optimal level. Vic is trained in Brandon Raynor Therapy as well as being a Registered Nurse. All of our physio’s also offer massage as part of your treatment or as a standalone option as well.  Katie is also Raynor trained.

Hands on strong massage therapy aimed at decreasing tension through your muscles to allow you to move easier or perform better, stronger or faster.  We also offer flushes for during or close to events to help the muscles recover for the next session.



We offer a range of classes on our schedual. Come enjoy Swiss ball core classes, erg classes, pilates and Yoga, a stretching class to work your flexibility, or join us in our summer run group. 

Booking for our classes is available online. 

Run Assessment

If you are looking to run further, faster or to help you minimize injury, a running assessment by our experienced physiotherapists is what you are looking for.

Using visual and video assessment of your running we can identify areas that are predisposed to injury, or experiencing pain during exercise.  Once we can see how you run and where there is a lack of control of movement, tightness or weakness we can show you what to do to improve your technique and prevent injury.

Running assessments are not just for professional athletes – we cater for runners engaged in the sport at any level.

our Gym Strength and conditioning

At Optimal performance we understand the demands that your sporting endeavours take on your body having worked with athletes from a wide variety of sports for many years. We will help you be able to train more effectively, compete to a higher level and stay injury free by developing a training program that will improve your physical readiness.

If you are a recreational athlete, an endurance athlete, strength athlete, a team sport athlete or getting over an injury we can design a training program for you and complement the other sport specific training that you are doing.