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here to keep you on the road, field, track or in the pool.

Our team currently includes four physiotherapists: Anthony, Katie, Harry and Charlotte. We are here to keep you on the road, court, field, track or in the pool and guide you successfully through injury to complete your event.

We specialise in sporting injuries and those difficult chronic injuries that have failed to respond to treatment in the past.



Whether you want Deep Tissue Sports Massage, a Recovery Rub, Pregnancy Massage, Relaxation Massage or a more in-depth Brandon Raynor Treatment she will get your body ready for the demands of your sport and life.

All of our Physiotherapists perform massage as part of their injury treatment, and also as a stand alone intervention.  We also have Vic, who is a Massage therapist and our resident Raynor expert.

Bike Fitter

Experience a highly specific and individualised bikesetup or coaching experience.

In a program designed to help you ride more comfortably, faster and for longer, Anthony brings his sports physiotherapy experience to specifically analyse your riding and bike setup.

We analyse the setup of your bike, and combine this with video footage recorded from all angles as you ride to ensure your bike setup is maximising your performance.


Join our classes

We offer 3 variations of floor class: Swiss ball class, Yoga/pilates class, Stretch and release class

We also take both running (outdoors in summer) and cycling (indoor in winter) interval sessions.

All our classes are led by an experienced teacher who will both demonstrate and give individual feedback to help you with your technique to maximise the gains you can make through the session.


Connect with us.

Optimal Performance was established to work with athletes and other motivated individuals to help them be the best when being the best matters.  We are highly motivated to get the best possible outcome for our clients.


Meet the Team

We are passionate about sport, are active athletes ourselves, and are experienced in what we do.

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